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TeddyMare was made by a team of four people over the span of six months between September 2016 and March 2017. My role on the team was as Art Lead and I was in charge of the character design and establishing the overall feeling of the game through an art bible and communicating with the games outside sources.  I also sculpted and textured Patches and the antagonists (The Boogieman and the Bugbears) as well as designing the game's logo and set dressing the environment, along with minor asset creation.  

Teddymare is a puzzle adventure in which the player takes the role of Patches, the beloved and worn teddy bear companion of a young child whose struggles with communicating her problems with other people results in her nightmares. As Patches, the player is drawn into a dark, fantastical nightmare augmentation of reality and they must solve puzzles relating to the issues the child faces during the day in a journey back to Patches' companion. 

You can check out TeddyMare's Development Blog Here: 


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